Friday, February 26, 2010

The Principal's office

Mrs. Goodman emailed me back and said we could come in to talk to her about Brett's idea. When I got to school, she called him down, and he told her about his idea. She said she really liked his idea, it tied in to their upcoming fundraiser for the Clean Water Initiative and that she would talk to the VP about it and let him know on Monday. She told him that he is the kind of student they want at Jeffrey School and said that we should be very proud of him for thinking of people and wanting to help.
After school, Brett told Skylar and Bill that she said he was the best kid in the school, that's how she made him feel.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Hit Send

I was terrified to ask brett's principal if he could sell the straws in school. I wrote her email saying that Brett had an idea that he wanted to ask her about and said I would be in school tomorrow afternoon. It took all of my courage to hit send.


I went to and found a ton of information. Who invented it and when, how it works, press on it, and how to donate. I was very impressed by everything I saw. It looks like it is a legitimate product and the donations are being accepted by The Rotary Club, who has credibility behind it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How it got started

Driving back to CT, Brett is reading 2009 Kid's alamanac he got as a favor from John Hartmann's birthday party. He says, "Mom, did you know that 6,000 people die every day from water related diseases, most of them children? There's this thing called a Lifestraw that only cost $2, maybe we could raise money at my school for them."