Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Essex Rotary Club

After several rescheduled dates, Brett made it to a dinner meeting at the Essex Yacht Club to present his project to the Essex Rotary Club. Our whole family joined him and it was a great night. He amazed me with the amount of information he was able to share during each slide. As we sat at the table before he went on, I overheard him tell Judy that he had a message for them from the Devon Rotary Club. it was that they had given him a check for $300 and that they should try to beat that. She stood up and announced the message to the whole group and one woman responded that if each person gave $20, they would have $400, well over the goal. And, they did, one at a time, they stood up and gave $20 and many kind words of praise for Brett and his efforts. I appreciated that someone mentioned how nice it was to see our whole family there to support him.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Devon Rotary Club

Brett presented to te Devon Rotary Club at a breakfast meeeting morning at the Stonebridge restaurant in Milford. At the end, they presented him with check for $300.