Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Essex Rotary Club

After several rescheduled dates, Brett made it to a dinner meeting at the Essex Yacht Club to present his project to the Essex Rotary Club. Our whole family joined him and it was a great night. He amazed me with the amount of information he was able to share during each slide. As we sat at the table before he went on, I overheard him tell Judy that he had a message for them from the Devon Rotary Club. it was that they had given him a check for $300 and that they should try to beat that. She stood up and announced the message to the whole group and one woman responded that if each person gave $20, they would have $400, well over the goal. And, they did, one at a time, they stood up and gave $20 and many kind words of praise for Brett and his efforts. I appreciated that someone mentioned how nice it was to see our whole family there to support him.

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  1. YAY Brett!! Congrats and great work. We're so proud of all you're doing to help others.